We Are Neuroimmunology | Mid-Career Award

We Are Neuroimmunology | Mid-Career Award

PURPOSE: ISNI aims to promote the next generation of neuroimmunologists, and acknowledges that the mid-career stage (Assistant or Associate Professors) presents particular challenges. The “We Are Neuroimmunology” awards aims to recognize the emerging contribution of two internationally competitive applicants of the highest calibre in the two main research streams; clinical neuroimmunology and fundamental neuroimmunology.

AWARD: The two successful applicants will be invited to present their research at the ISNI conference, and they, their research and team will be featured in social media and all communication channels of ISNI to the global neuroimmunology community. Budget permitting, a sum of ~$2,500 will be awarded for each award.

CRITERIA FOR SUCCESSFUL APPLICATIONS: Successful candidates should make a case of why they and their research program and discoveries exemplify the tag line “We Are Neuroimmunology”. Evidence of a rising trajectory, contribution to the field and mentorship of the next generation would be considered must-haves. Leadership in publications and taking on leadership roles are also essential and should be emphasized.


  • February 1 2023: Application round is opened
  • Early March: ISNI ZOOM Session with past awardees.
  • May 30 2023: Application round is closed
  • June 1-June 30 2023: Applications are reviewed.
  • July 1-July 15 2023: Application scores are compiled, and outcomes are ratified by ISNI Executive
  • August 1 2023: Outcomes are sent to applicants
  • August 20-24 2023: Awardees presentation at ISNI Quebec 2023