ISNI Mid-Career Award Form

briefly explain your circumstances taking into account any clinical and/or academic loading and/or personal circumstances (max 250 words). Career disruption are detailed in Section F.
Summarize why you and your research program examplify the statement “We are Neuroimmunology” (100 words).
Nominate your five best publications from the past 10 years using the following format and starting by the newest publication: all authors (first and last names), title, full journal name, issues, pages, year of publication Mention any co-authorship using *.
Provide explanations of why these publications have been selected, outlining the contribution of the applicant, the quality of the publications selected and their contribution to science and their innovation, use Google scholar citations, and FWIC) (max 250 words).
Provide a brief explanation on the research impact of your discover(ies) (max 250 words). Research impact can include knowledge gain or/and translation. It should be based on verifiable evidence (detailed in C1), and not on the potential or future capacity of the discovery.
Provide verifiable evidence. (max 100 words).
Provide a brief explanation of your research leadership and contribution to Neuroimmunology (professional, institutional, and team) (max 250 words).
Provide a brief explanation of your mentorship leadership and your contribution to the training of the next generation of neuroimmunologists (max 250 words). It should be based on verifiable evidence (primary versus secondary supervision, completion of higher degree by research, i.e. PhD and MPhil, etc..)
Career disruption (max 100 words).