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    5th NeuPsig Congress May 14-17, 2015 in Nice, France

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    The International Conference on Autoimmunity and Transplantation (ICAT) will be held October 12 - 16, 2014 in Goa, India.

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    Other Congresses

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12th International Congress
of Neuroimmunology

14th Esni Course
European School of Neuroimmunology

MAINZ - Germany  9 -13 November 2014


The International Society of Neuroimmunology was established in 1982.
(See more) Since this date has contributed greatly to the growing recognition of the different roles of the immune system in causing or modifying the severity of neurological disorders, and to the potential for new approaches to treatment.

Neuroimmunology is a rapidly expanding field with tremendous and daily advances from basic immunology to clinical practice and we need to have a scientific society capable of supporting established scientists, but also undergraduate and post graduated students. These needs require a scientific body able to guarantee that reserachers worldwide are kept abreast of new developments and to support the participations of students to the society's courses and meetings by providing travel bursaries.

The first International Congress of Neuroimmunology was held in Stresa, Italy in 1982 and was organised by Peter O. Behan and Federico Spreafico. The proceedings were published in 1984 (Neuroimmunology, Behan and Spreafico, Raven, Press).

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